"Attention Those Who Have a Desire to Write a Book, But Don’t Know Where to Start!"

"How Would You Feel if You Could Go from having no idea of what to write, to Having a Workable Blueprint of Actually Writing Your Book?"

"Yes, you can do this and have a serious outline of the book

you want to write that can transform a life!"

  • Are you tired of procrastinating when it comes to writing?

  • Wouldn’t you like to stop feeling overwhelmed and unorganized every time you sit down to write?

  • Do you want to get rid of the paralysis that comes as a result of not knowing where to start?

Well, the reality is, you are not alone!

The majority of people who start on the journey of writing a book feel this way.

However, that doesn’t have to be your story!

The Marketplace Alliance Group is proud to sponsor

Presented by The Open Book Writers Group

The Open Book Writer’s Group consists of talented experts in the field of writing, publishing and marketing who helps writers advance from a book concept to a completed manuscript, with a solid marketing plan for continued entrepreneurial success.

Their purpose is to empower every author’s passion for literacy and the written word. To help them focus on the composition of impactful and well-researched manuscripts from beginning to end.

Attend this online workshop and create a snapshot of your writing process from start to finish, with handouts and explanations of each phase, so you can have a workable outline of the book that God inspired you to write.

You’ll get strategies to overcome fear, procrastination, and the paralysis that comes as a result of not knowing where to start.

In this online, hands-on, interactive workshop you will:

  • Receive a resource to create a snap shot of your writing process to get you  started on your journey as an author.

  • Establish your "why."

  • Develop your “Audience Profile.”

  • And a whole lot more…

For Only $49!

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Remember, what you write

can transform a life.

It’s time to walk the talk!

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